What is SSLC?

The Secondary School Leaving Certificate (commonly referred to as SSLC ) is a certification obtained by a student on successful completion of an examination at the end of study at the secondary schooling level in India.The SSLC is obtained on passing the grade 10 public examination commonly referred to as "class 10 board examinations" in India. SSLC is a common eligibility examination popular in many states in India, especially Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu.

Importance of SSLC

The SSLC is obtained by passing a public examination, i.e., an examination that has been formulated by the regional board of education that the school is affiliated with, and not by members of the faculty of the school. The performance of a student in the SSLC examination is one of the factors in admission to Pre University Courses in India. Therefore, the SSLC is often regarded as the first important examination that a student undertakes.

What are concepts of the SSLC examination tips?

How to Cover all topics?

How to prepare for the larger answers?

how to manage your study?

What are the things to avoid while preperation?

How to write an exam?

How to manage or design the daily time table?

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